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/ Who are we?

Fire Squad - we are a team of professionals for special purposes in firefighting. We combine some unprecedented realities – knowledge, experience, years of practice, innovative technology, theoretical and practical support, very creative and innovative solutions. What we are mostly proud of however, is our passion in action!

In the past it was very common for us to struggle with small amount of trainings, practical knowledge, advanced solutions or opportunities to learn worldwide firefighting technology and trends. Despite trying and looking for such, we were hitting a brick wall. Refusals were given due to concern about equipment damages. It had been preventing us from learning practical skills. It was a milestone.

We realized then that we should do something for us and our friends. Something what we really need – Fire Squad! We have so much enthusiasm to accomplish creative projects which can change everything.

/ Courses

Have you ever arrived to a car accident and didn’t exactly know what to do? How to start extrication? Or maybe you would like to constantly improve yourself and become a better firefighter? Do you want to develop your knowledge and skills in vehicle extrication?

You are in a perfect place then! Why?

We do our best, so everyone can benefit from our trainings! Beginners can learn good base but experienced firefighters will also find something new and useful for themsleves!

Our instructors will teach you bases of vehicle extrication but also some unconventional and alternative methods of extrication – effective methods when others have failed. Be ready for everything!

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/ Upcoming courses

We look forward to your requests!

Do you want us to conduct extrication course for you? Contact us!



We look forward to your requests!

Do you want us to conduct extrication course for you? Contact us!



We look forward to your requests!

Do you want us to conduct extrication course for you? Contact us!



/ What we've already done?

OSP Wesoła

In Septmeber we conducted a training for volunteer Fire Brigade in Wesola - district of Warsaw. The main purpose of our course was to show them different types of stabilisation, using only tools from their trucks. The second part of the training was focused on removing a side of a car and evacuating unconscious driver.

OSP Jurowce

On Saturday, March 3rd, we have taught over 30 volunteer firefighters from Volunteer Fire Brigade in Jurowce, Wasilków, Pogorzałki, Czarna Wieś Kościelna. We were training glass management, tunneling, removing side of the car and lifting dashboard using wood and chain. In last scenario – car on the side, we were helped by Fenix Market and Paratech.

OSP Kałuszyn

During training on 7.04 in Kaluszyn we've teached volounteers from Kaluszyn, Jakubow, Mrozy, Grebkow and Sinoleka. Volounteers from Kaluszyn did great job preparing cars for training and delicious dinner. We were focused on glass management, tunneling and cross-ramming. One more time, Fenix Market did great job by supporting us with some equipment.

OSP Stanisławów

Training with volounteers from Stanislawow, Ladzyn and Rzadza made our day better. We've started sunny Sunday with some information about new technology during rescue operations on Crash Recovery System example. Then we tried some technics for car on a wheels and on the side.

Rescue Brzostek 2018

We were invited to RESCUE BRZOSTEK 2018 which took place in Brzostek on 28-29 of April. It was first as big training event of technical rescue in Podkarpacie. First day was focused on theoretical part of training. Rafał Podlasiński was talking about safety of the firefighter, Paweł Karabin said a lot of useful information about cross-ramming and Sylwester Adamek showed us what to do with electricity. Then we were presenting some technics, stabilization methods, preparing gaps and glass management on prepared cars. During the second day, participants had to face 3 scenarios – car under trailer, car on the roof and on the side, cross-ramming. Thank you so much for invitation! We spent great weekend with you!

/ Events

Companies and organisations

Our goal is to create and pursue such kind of event that will be unforgettable and which results will provide your brand and company great business score.

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Companies and organisations

  • What kind of tools you should use to distinguish your company in positive and creative way from pervasive and ruthless competitors?
  • What should you do to amaze your participants and guests with your products and services?
  • What should you do afterward to transform your efforts into magnificent relations between you and your customers and trade partners?

These are only 3 out of many topics we talk about during arrangements to an event, conference or your company’s booth on a trade show. Obviously we don’t want to replace your marketing department or creative agency, which works for you. Our goal is to create and pursue such kind of event that will be unforgettable and which results will provide your brand and company great business score. We can do it perfectly because we know the reality of both, polish events such as EDURA or IFRE-EXPO but also worldwide known, biggest firefighting trades - INTERSCHUTZ.

Our professional team will help you with:

  • creative trade shows booths;
  • unforgettable training courses for customers and trade partners;
  • succesful, motivational events;
  • unconventional promotion of your products and services;
  • conferences and congresses which are NOT boring;

Contact us to set up a meeting – we will show you what we are capable of -


Offer for MICE industry representativrs, who want to have something different in their offer.

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We are sure that you organize a lot of diverse events with which we can help you.
Why? Because:


  • your competitors - we don’t want to organize events not from our industry;
  • amateurs - we know the limits, we can say NO and find alternative solutions;
  • routinists - you can be sure that thanks to our cooperation, nobody will you’re your extraordinary event.

  • very creative - it is important for us to conduct an event efficiently and safely;
  • well-equipped with knowledge, practical skills, specialized equipment and (what is the most important) proper people;
  • ready for action!

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